LinkedIn Local Hamilton 2019

The LinkedIn Local movement started in early 2017 in Australia and as of August 2019, it has grown to over 300 cities worldwide.

LinkedIn Local is an event where people get to meet, share and discuss with connections made in LinkedIn as well as make new connections.

LinkedIn, an American company founded in 2008 was setup mainly to be used by employers putting up job ads, employees looking for jobs and professional networking. Majority of LinkedIn’s revenue came from selling information to recruiters and sales professionals. Fast forward to 2016, Microsoft acquired the company founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstanin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant for $26.2 billion.

Users of LinkedIn create profiles which consists of information usually found in their curriculum vitae. Based on their personal interest, they make virtual “connections” with other members which usually mimics real world relationships.

Features of LinkedIn

  • A user can connect with connections of their connections. LinkedIn shows these as 2nd or 3rd degree connections.
  • Users can find jobs that they are interested in and look at the profiles of existing employees.
  • Users can find businesses they would like to work with and directly contact the business.
  • Businesses can create jobs and find the right employees.
  • Job seekers can seek introductions from their current connections to potential employers.
  • Users can post, comment, like and share content.
  • Users can create a personal brand for themselves by being active on LinkedIn and updating their profile.
  • LinkedIn hosts many local events like LinkedIn Local which are purely for networking.

What is LinkedIn Local?

As LinkedIn is an online platform where people create profiles and network in a virtual environment, Linkedin Local was created to meet connections face to face.

The purpose of LinkedIn Local was to make authentic connections in real life.

Anna McAfee from Australia started Linkedin Local in 2017 and has snowballed in to a truly global movement.

The key foundations of LinkedIn Local are:

  • People Worth Meeting: We believe in face-to-face connection, and a world beyond online profiles.
  • Stories Worth Sharing: Strengthening online communities offline through meaningful interactions.
  • Collaboration, Not Competition: Respecting one another and working together.

What happens at a LinkedIn local

Apart from meeting connections face to face, LinkedIn Local provides an opportunity to understand the local community, share best practices and discuss latest trends.

The event is not sponsored by LinkedIn, so organisers have to go out and get sponsorships to run these events.

The man behind LinkedIn Local Hamilton is Daniel Hopper.

When the team from the Waikato business blog got in touch with Daniel Hopper, he said,“The main reason for creating LinkedIn Local Hamilton was to meet more people I saw on LinkedIn.”

There have been 6 previous LinkedIn Local events in Hamilton hosted by Daniel Hopper and he truly has popularised the concept here in New Zealand.

When is the next LinkedIn Local event?

The next “LinkedIn Local Hamilton – made in the Waikato” event by Daniel Hopper is happening on 4th September 2019 at the beautiful Zealong Tea Estate! Expect to meet people from different businesses, meet old connections and make new ones. Let us empower businesses in the mighty Waikato. Speakers at the event are: You can book your tickets here and yes, the event is free, thanks to the sponsors!

Guest Author: Adhish Prakash works for HGB Strategic Marketing. Check out the marketing agency!

LinkedIn Local Hamilton - Made in the Waikato
Zealong Tea Estate,
Starting on
September 4, 2019
Ending on
September 4, 2019
LinkedIn Local Hamilton is happening at Zealong Tea Estate on 4th September 2019. Meet old connections and make new ones. Food, drinks and talks by reputed speakers from Lightwire, Fonterra and Produco!
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