What rural broadband options do you have in the Waikato?

Rural Broadband is not a specific type of internet connection, but rather a description of the characteristics of Internet Services in rural areas.

In other words, it describes the types of broadband connections that can reach places outside of towns and cities across the country.

People who live in remote towns, on farms and in other isolated areas simply don’t have the same access to Fibre Broadband and must look for alternative rural wireless broadband connection types.

But what rural wireless broadband options do you have? Depending on where in the Waikato you are, different connections will be available to you.

Rural wireless broadband in the Waikato

Rural broadband plan options in Waikato have progressed over recent years largely thanks to the government’s Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).  This, combined with the Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB) Initiative also rolling out throughout the country, means access is constantly improving.

The common connection types for rural residents and businesses across Waikato are:

  • Copper
  • Fibre
  • Rural Wireless Broadband
  • Satellite
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)


When you think of poor rural internet connections, copper lines are probably what you’re thinking of. Prone to overloading, slow, and generally leaving much to be desired, copper lines are still common across much of NZ but don’t offer the best connection.


To combat this, over the past decade the Government has moved to replace old copper lines with new fibre technology in some areas and implementing 500+ cell towers across the country for other areas. If your property is located within a radius of where the fibre infrastructure has been laid out, think school, healthcare centre, library, or village centre, you could be able to access this connection.

Rural Wireless Broadband

The next best option behind fibre is a Rural Wireless Broadband connection (if available in your area). While your physical distance from the tower can affect your connection, RBI Wireless gives you the freedom to move around while staying connected.


The option for the most remote homes and businesses is a satellite broadband connection, which is delivered via a dish at your property. Satellite broadband is ideal for those who are out of reach of cell signal or fibre networks, and for businesses that require more stability or a backup connection for when the terrestrial connection gets cut.

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)

The final option, regional WISPs, also provide rural wireless broadband to regions from their own smaller, locally run networks and towers. There are about 30 WISPs in New Zealand, with most operating in a single region like Waikato. Your local WISP could be just down the road. The services, speeds and prices WISPs offer are highly competitive with urban suppliers.

Local solutions

In today’s world, digital connectivity is essential, so it needs to be affordable. If you have a home, a business, or a farm in the Waikato, look for a local internet service provider, backed by efficient customer service to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, rain or shine, flood or drought.