The Underground Advantage: Why directional drilling is the best option for New Zealand infrastructure projects

directional drilling

In the ever-evolving landscape of infrastructure development, one technique is rapidly carving its way to the forefront: directional drilling. This innovative trenchless method is not only transforming the way we approach underground projects, but it’s also safeguarding the delicate balance of our environment.

But what exactly is directional drilling, and why should New Zealand be embracing it with open arms?

Precision with a Punch: What is Directional Drilling?

Imagine burrowing beneath the earth’s surface with laser-like accuracy, navigating around obstacles and preserving the land above. That’s the magic of directional drilling. This technology utilises a flexible drill rod guided by a downhole steering system to create precise underground pathways. Pipelines, lifeline services, cables, and other essential infrastructure can then be seamlessly installed with minimal disruption.

Why Kiwis Should Love Directional Drilling:

Gone are the days of open trenches scarring our landscapes. Directional drilling offers a plethora of benefits for our nation:

  • Environmental best practice: Keep valuable topsoil, directional drilling minimises environmental impact with less open trenches, protecting our precious land and waterways.
  • Efficiency at its finest: This trenchless approach can save time and money. Projects can be completed faster, with less manpower and machinery.
  • Less neighbourhood disruption: Directional drilling keeps traffic and pedestrian disruptions to a minimum for communities.
  • Agile in any circumstance: From rugged terrain to clay and topsoil, directional drilling is agile enough to conquer almost all earthwork challenges. This versatile technique can plot the perfect underground course to streamline your pipeline and lifeline installations.

Universal Underground: Your Kiwi Directional Drilling Experts

At Universal Underground, we’re not just trenchless drilling enthusiasts, we’re passionate about protecting our beautiful Aotearoa. We have extensive experience in successfully delivering directional drilling projects across New Zealand, from installing pipelines in remote areas to laying cables beneath bustling city streets.

So, next time you have an infrastructure project underway that requires deep trenching, talk to us about the power of directional drilling. This groundbreaking technology not only shapes the future of infrastructure, but it also safeguards the natural landscape that makes New Zealand so special.

Let’s embrace the underground advantage and build a brighter future, one precision drill at a time.

Contact Universal Underground today to learn how directional drilling can benefit your next project.