A complete guide to portable cabins for rent in New Zealand

What is a rental portable cabin?

A rental cabin is a prefabricated structure designed for temporary or semi-permanent use that can be easily transported and set up at different locations. Portable cabins come in various sizes, ranging from small single-room units to larger multi-room complexes, and can serve a variety of purposes.

Constructed from durable materials like steel, aluminum, or timber, portable cabins are designed to withstand transportation and harsh weather conditions. They can be customized with features like insulation, windows, doors, and interior finishes to meet specific requirements. Due to their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation, portable cabins have become increasingly popular across various industries and settings including the residential market.

What are rental portable cabins used for?

Portable cabins are commonly used as temporary accommodation. They provide a convenient and flexible solution for those looking for some extra space for their family, to use as a temporary office or home office, hosting meetings, setting up a home based business, or simply for some extra storage space. Portable cabins are often equipped with basic amenities such as heating, cooling, lighting, and electrical outlets to ensure comfort and functionality.

How much does a portable cabin for rent cost?

The average cost to rent a standard small cabin in New Zealand is $75 a week. If you are wanting a large cabin, it is likely to cost about $100 per week, and an extra large cabin can cost you up to $150 a week. There are multiple cabin suppliers in New Zealand offering competitive prices for a variety of cabin sizes.

Do you need a permit to rent a portable cabin in New Zealand?

As per New Zealand’s building regulations, if your rental cabin’s floor area is under 30 square metres, and has no water connections, you don’t need a permit to rent a cabin. Keep in mind that consents are subject to local council regulations, so it would be best to check with your cabin supplier before renting a cabin. You can find more information on this on the official MBIE building performance website here.

If you currently live in a rented property and are looking to rent a cabin, you will have to check with your landlord or property manager and get their approval to do so.

What are the benefits of renting a portable cabin?

If you are needing extra space at your property for a temporary or semi-permanent period of time, renting a cabin is quick, cost-effective and hassle free. You wouldn’t have to invest time or money into expanding your property or building a new structure. With renting a cabin, you can have a functional living or workspace in a short amount of time with very little commitment.

Top rated rental cabin suppliers in NZ

If you are looking to rent a cabin, here are the top rated cabin rental agencies across the country –

Roommate Cabins

With over 20 suppliers across NZ, from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, Roommate Cabins are able to deliver a portable cabin almost anywhere, including the most remote places in the country. Their portable cabins are delivered on a custom-built tipping trailer, which means they can reach tight and tricky locations. Roommate Cabins offer different sized cabins, standard cabins, large cabins and extra large cabins to meet individual meets. Visit their website to rent a cabin from Roommate Cabins.

Just Cabins

With franchisees nationwide, Just Cabins have a cabin rental team in different locations across the country and are able to provide a quick turnaround time with readily available cabins for rent that are delivered to your doorstep. They also offer standard cabins, large cabins and extra large cabins to suit different requirements. Visit their website here – https://www.justcabins.co.nz/

Cabins To Rent

Cabins To Rent offer both residential and commercial cabins for rent. They come in 4 different sizes and at affordable prices. They offer various amenities in their cabins (where applicable), including continuous gas hot water heating, laminate bench tops, stainless sinks, moulded fibregalss showers, mixer taps and chemical toilets. You can visit their website here – https://www.cabinstorent.co.nz/