Best Marine Insurance Providers in New Zealand

Marine insurance is an insurance policy that covers damage and loss of cargo goods being transported through the water as well as damage to one’s own waterborne equipment or to others.

It does not matter whether you own your own vessels, or just transport cargo from New Zealand to other countries or within New Zealand, marine insurance is essential to protect your vessel, equipment and your investment.

If you are someone that owns just a small boat to go fishing with your mates, there is another kind of marine insurance available called pleasure craft insurance.

Here is a list of top rated New Zealand marine insurance companies –

  1. Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson & Associates, provide personal pleasure craft insurance, which covers you and your personal marine craft (including yachts, launches, jet-boats and jet-skis) against loss or damage, and for liabilities you may incur while using your craft. They also provide commercial marine insurance, covering commercial vessels and their cargo, as well as the risks associated with exporting primary products and importing agriculture-related goods, raw materials for manufacturing, manufactured goods and consumer items.

  1. Mariner Insurance

Mariner Marine offers Kiwis boat insurance in New Zealand with specialist marine insurance cover for all types of boats and watercraft.

Talk to the boat insurance specialists who focus exclusively on Kiwi boaties. They will help you get the protection you need while you are out on the water, so you can enjoy your boating with peace of mind.

  1. Vero

From underwriting to claims management, their dedicated team can provide world-class marine insurance and risk management solutions.

As a trading nation, New Zealand relies on its transport industry to keep our economy moving. Vero’s expert marine team offers protection for cargo, hull risks and marine and transport liabilities.

For boaties, they can also offer pleasure craft insurance to help keep your prized possession on the water.

  1. AMI

Covers your boat, fittings and equipment for accidental loss or damage up to 50km off-shore.

  1. Crombie Lockwood

Marine insurance can help protect businesses from international and domestic marine risks.

Whether you own or charter vessels – or move cargo, their experienced marine insurance specialists can help you get the right insurance sorted for your needs.

  1. NM Insurance

Nautilus Marine Insurance are a leading provider of insurance solutions for recreational vessels and marine business assets across New Zealand and Australia, protecting over 45,000 vessel owners and marine industry members. For over 15 years, they have been a specialist supplier of pleasure craft and marine business assets and liability insurance. Market-leading policies provide customers with broad coverage, the strength of security and support.

  1. Aon

Aon’s Marine insurance broking and risk management expertise is unique in the industry, providing both the heritage that comes from long-term commitment to the marine sector and the expertise from a diverse client list.

  1. Nautical Insurance

The Nautical concept is to provide New Zealand boat owners with value for money.

They provide wide cover, competitive premiums, and prompt claim response times.

Rather than a sole boat owner dealing with an insurance company and trying to talk boat insurance, they do all that to get you the best deals and cover.

Nautical Insurance can cover your powerboat, yacht, jet ski or commercial vessel.

Contact them with any marine insurance questions you may have.

  1. BNZ

PremierCare Boat Insurance covers you and your crew on various vessels, from jet skis and fishing runabouts to yachts for social racing.

  1. MAS

Stay afloat with MAS’s Boat Insurance. From your yacht to kayak, and everything in between, they have an insurance option to fit your needs.