DIY Home Decor: Upcycling Ideas with Recycled Wood


Recycled wood is not just an environmentally friendly material choice; it’s also a way to add unique character and charm to your home. Whether it comes from old barns, historic homes, or discarded furniture, each piece of recycled wood carries its own history and beauty. For DIY enthusiasts, recycled wood provides a versatile medium to create stunning home decor items. At Demolition Traders, New Zealand’s largest supplier of new and recycled renovation materials, you can find an abundance of wood perfect for your next project. Here are some inspiring upcycling ideas to transform recycled wood into beautiful, functional home decor.


  • Rustic Shelving Units

One of the simplest yet most impactful ways to use recycled wood is by creating rustic shelves. Whether you’re aiming for a modern minimalist look with clean lines or a country kitchen vibe, wooden shelves fit any decor style. You can customise the length, finish, and even the brackets to suit your space. These shelves are not only stylish but also provide practical storage solutions for any room in your house.


  • Farmhouse-Style Dining Table

Building a dining table from recycled wood can give your dining area a warm and inviting farmhouse feel. Look for thicker pieces of wood that can serve as a solid tabletop, and pair it with legs crafted from the same or contrasting wood. Finish it off with a light sanding and a protective coat to preserve its rustic charm while making it durable enough for daily use.


  • Unique Picture Frames

Turn smaller strips of recycled wood into custom picture frames. Each frame can be unique, incorporating the natural imperfections of the wood such as knots and varying grain patterns. You can leave them naturally weathered, or add paint and varnish to match your existing home decor. These frames make excellent gifts and add a personal touch to your walls.


  • Upcycled Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Wood pallets are often available at demolition yards and can be transformed into stylish coffee tables. Depending on your preference, you can add a glass top, caster wheels for mobility, and even storage compartments underneath. This project not only recycles wood but also adds a functional piece of furniture to your living area.


  • Wooden Headboard for Your Bedroom

Create a striking focal point in your bedroom by constructing a headboard from pieces of recycled wood. You can use planks of wood in their natural state for a textured, varied look or stain them to create a more uniform appearance. This easy project can drastically change the ambience of your bedroom and can be adapted to fit any bed size.


  • Decorative Wooden Wall Art

Use various pieces of recycled wood to create a piece of wall art. Arrange the wood in patterns or mosaics, and add colours or leave it raw for a more natural look. This type of project lets you express your creativity and can be customized to fit the aesthetic of any room in your home.


  • Garden Planters

Recycled wood is perfect for outdoor projects like garden planters. Durable and rustic, wood planters can be built in different sizes to accommodate anything from small flowers to large vegetable plants. They add a natural, earthy element to your garden or balcony while being environmentally sustainable.



Upcycling recycled wood not only benefits the environment by reducing waste but also gives your home decor a personal and creative touch. At Demolition Traders, you can find a wide variety of recycled wood suitable for all the projects listed above and more. Start your next DIY project today and transform recycled wood into something beautiful and functional for your home.