Podiatry Expertise Redefined: Introducing Stefan Edwards of ‘The Foot Place’ in Oamaru, New Zealand

Stefan Edwards

“Healthy feet are the foundation of a happy life, and at ‘The Foot Place’, we’re committed to helping our patients put their best foot forward,” says renowned podiatrist Stefan Edwards, as he proudly introduces his latest venture, an advanced podiatry clinic now open at 99 Thames Street, Oamaru. With over 30 years of diverse experience spanning the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Stefan brings a wealth of expertise to the community.

Stefan Edwards firmly believes that a precise diagnosis is the cornerstone of the healing process. His comprehensive approach to patient care involves delving deep into the root causes of foot-related issues, utilising a thorough questioning process to uncover the core problems before formulating tailored treatment plans. Through his extensive experience, Stefan understands that a meticulous diagnosis is the key to effective treatment and lasting results.

Having served in both the UK and New Zealand, Stefan Edwards has accumulated a remarkable breadth of knowledge that enables him to address a wide spectrum of podiatry concerns. His commitment to staying at the forefront of the field is reflected in his integration of cutting-edge technology into his practice. ‘The Foot Place’ combines time-tested methods with the latest advancements to provide patients with the best possible care.

Stefan Edwards’ new podiatric clinic in Oamaru is primed to serve the community’s podiatric needs. The clinic welcomes appointments through its user-friendly online booking system, allowing patients to conveniently schedule consultations. Additionally, ‘The Foot Place’  accepts referrals from General Practitioners in Oamaru and the surrounding regions, reinforcing its commitment to collaborative and holistic healthcare.

Stefan Edwards’ dedication to the field and unwavering focus on accurate diagnosis sets ‘The Foot Place’ apart as a premier destination for podiatry care. With his wealth of experience, innovative approach, and state-of-the-art clinic, Stefan is poised to make a significant impact on foot health in Oamaru and beyond.

For online bookings click here and to get in touch with Stefan, visit his website or give him a call on 03 4349900.


About ‘The Foot Place’:

‘The Foot Place’ is a distinguished podiatry clinic located at 99 Thames Street, Oamaru, New Zealand. Founded and led by seasoned podiatrist Stefan Edwards, the clinic places a strong emphasis on accurate diagnosis and advanced treatments, catering to a wide range of foot-related concerns. With over three decades of experience and a commitment to incorporating the latest technology, ‘The Foot Place’ is dedicated to delivering comprehensive and effective podiatric care. Online booking is available for patient convenience, and the clinic welcomes referrals from GPs in Oamaru and neighbouring areas.