Fine Line Spouting Supporting New Zealand Made

When it comes to guttering, New Zealand has a few unique challenges that some other countries don’t.

Almost every city in New Zealand is close to the ocean, with all the challenges that come with salt spray and corrosion. We also have geothermal areas which can add highly acidic spray into the environment.

New Zealand homes are also built near mountain ranges where wild weather, snow and ice are prevalent. And of course, we have high UV values from the sun, beating down on every roof on the land.

With all these special conditions to consider, it’s no surprise that leading fascia and guttering experts choose New Zealand-made roofing products.

There is the confidence that comes from knowing your guttering is designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. This confidence is also reflected in comprehensive warranties from companies that are just down the road, not somewhere overseas.

Both ColorCote and ColourSteel design and produce roofing and spouting materials with these challenges in mind.

Their products are not only manufactured in New Zealand but they are tested in the harshest environments our beautiful land has to offer.

They combine the use of steel or marine-grade aluminium with special coatings and protectants including magnesium and zinc to protect your guttering from corrosion.

Paint finishings are carefully manufactured to include acrylic or polyester top coats baked on a polyester primer, giving an extremely durable paint system that resists UV damage.

And of course, buying New Zealand made is always good for our economy.