Creating a successful Digital Ad campaign

From Google to Facebook, Instagram to YouTube, TikTok to Tinder, there are 1000s of different platforms on which you can advertise online. The question is no longer if you should advertise online, but how you should advertise online.

Finding your voice

All great digital campaigns start with a clear message. Whether you’re having a sale, doing a giveaway or just want to create awareness about your brand, this message is at the core of everything that you create.

A campaign without a clear message loses attention quickly and struggles to draw valuable interactions from your desired audience. Much like a drunk man rambling at a bar, no one is going to listen if you have nothing valuable to say.

Once you have your message, you need to find your audience. This will change how you talk to them. Much like in traditional media, the way in which you would talk to young adults is different from how you would talk to retirees.

Once you have your message and your audience, you’re ready for the next step.

Finding your idea

Coming up with a great creative idea can be like catching lightning in a bottle. It requires no small amount of skill, luck and trial and error. It’s very unlikely that your first idea will be the best one, but don’t let that stop you. 

If you often find yourself getting stuck for ideas, there are a couple of easy tricks to help. Firstly, try talking to someone else about the idea. A fresh pair of eyes is often all that is needed to break through a mental block.

Alternatively, you could turn to an expert and reach out to a Digital Marketing Agency. Marketing agencies specialise in coming up with creative solutions to problems. It’s their job to understand your brand and bring your ideas and dreams to life.

Don’t forget who you are

Once you’ve found your idea, it’s time to write your ad copy. When writing, don’t forget who you are. This may sound odd, but it can be very easy to get lost in trying to relate too much to your audience. Whilst it is important to connect with your audience, being genuine is the best thing you can do.

So just be yourself: an ad from a surf company shouldn’t be stiff and robotic; an ad from an investment company shouldn’t be too casual. Play to your own strengths keeps your brand consistent!

Maintaining consistency across platforms and campaigns is also very important and can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign. If you are quoting one price on Facebook and another on Google, your customers won’t know what to believe.

If in one campaign you’re speaking like a teenage surfer and the next you’re talking like a 40-year-old mum, consumers are not going to connect the two ads to the same brand.

If this is all sounding like a lot to keep in mind, or you want to simplify the process try working with an expert! Digital Marketing Agencies are experts at bringing ideas to life, whilst maintaining your brand’s image and consistency across multiple channels. If this sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, why not get in touch with HGB at, one of Hamilton’s leading digital marketing experts!