5 Advantages of a Mobile Workforce

Remote working has surged in popularity ever since non-essential businesses have had to close their doors due to the pandemic. A wide array of companies, including IT companies in Hamilton, have been quick to adapt to the times and allow remote working. If you run an IT support company, for instance, you will want to understand all of the advantages of having a mobile workforce.

According to researchers who have been closely following the shift to a mobile workforce, there are several benefits. These include the following:

Increased Productivity

Remoter workers in companies focused on delivering IT support have been found to be significantly more productive than employees of IT companies in Hamilton who head into the office every day. That is a significant difference.

Increased Accuracy

A mobile workforce has also been found to make fewer mistakes while increasing its accuracy. This may seem counter-intuitive if you believe that workers have more distractions at home. It turns out that the office may actually be where more distractions are occurring! Research has shown that around 40% fewer mistakes are made by remoter workers compared to those working in an office environment.

Stronger Engagement

When workers are more productive and increase their performance levels, they are more engaged. This also translates into less frequent absenteeism. On average, it is 41% lower than it is for office workers.

Greater Employee Retention

People seem to really enjoy being location independent. In fact, the majority of employees surveyed express the willingness to switch jobs if it meant they would get to work from home permanently. Other research uncovered that this leads to 12% less turnover.

Increased Profitability

There are plenty of cost savings to be had by IT companies in Hamilton. The average IT support company saves over $10,000 every year on each employee that switches to working remotely. Additionally, company profitability shoots up an impressive 21%.


It is no wonder that IT companies in Hamilton are switching to their employees being location independent. It’s a win-win for both employees and IT support companies, and is sure to be a trend that continues even after the pandemic is over.